3 years ago, while working on my MA, I started teaching myself to knit. My poor mother had the task of getting me started and taught me casting on and the knit stitch. Those first steps took a LONG time, and a lot of frustration, but once I finally had them down there was no stopping me, and with the help of Youtube videos and a lot of trial and error, I was away.

While I’ve had lulls since starting (as I do with literally every interest I’ve ever had), I’ve basically kept it up, and kept on improving.

Four months ago, I started teaching myself how to spin using a drop spindle. I can’t remember what set me off, but again, there’s no stopping me now I’ve started. I figured that since it’s taking up so much of my attention (and admittedly obsessive interest), I’d try and keep track of what I’m doing, how I’m learning, and where I go from here