Time to ply!


A couple of weeks ago I attempted plying for the first time, with just a small amount of spun singles. The result is hit-and-miss enough (and the amount small enough) that it’s probably going to join my ‘gallery of learning’ as I like to call it, and never ever be used. But it was still fun to do, and the unevenness of the singles – and difference between them – works quite well to give me ideas for how plying different thicknesses together might turn out.

Today, I made my next attempt at plying – somewhat more successfully. I plied from a single ball for a start (and wasn’t THAT a fun, tangled mess to wind), so the tension was more even. I managed more consistent and well-matched singles too (Welsh Black Top, really enjoyable to spin, with a nice crisp texture), so that helped. I usually find singles more attractive (which is frustrating given that the advice is that handspun yarn should be plied to balance it!), but my next project is a fine 2 ply alpaca – one single in a light caramel, the other in a dark. I expect (assuming it turns out well and isn’t consigned to the dark depths of ‘what a terrible mistake’) that it will be the basis of a future post. And whatever the case, it’s always fun to experiment!



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